“ In Spring of 2011 I sat down with Fabian and we came out with a schedule of training 3 days a week. We would meet a local park and he would train me as my personal trainer, that was the true beginning of Life Fit Gym. We met 3 days a week at that park until he opened his first location on Fuqua in July. I weighed in at 265 that summer of 2011. In the beginning I felt soar and hated it but it was something I knew I had to do it for myself. By the end of 2012 I had already passed the 200lb mark and continued to lose weight, by mid 2013 I had reached 170lbs and decided to take a break from Life Fit, but not from working out. I continued to work out daily (mainly cardio) and I kept my weight off but never saw any major improvements or change since I took my break. Early 2016, after talking to Fabian I decided to come back to Life Fit. I also joined the Muay Thai class that was available, I’ve seen my body change dramatically – I’ve lost more fat and gained muscle. My body is leaner and more toned more than it has ever been. It has been a journey but one that I’m thankful for! I couldn’t have done it without Fabian and the amazing staff at Life Fit Gym”
Starting weight 265lbs Current weight 165lbs
Total Lost 100lbs

"I just go in and get straight to work. By far the best gym I've been too. Amazing staff and real results!"

-4 pm Ninja

It was almost 4 years ago that I was at a very devastating time in my life; going through the heart ache of divorce after 29 years of marriage. Pondering on all the why's; and what was wrong with me! My first thought was I'm fat and I need to lose weight; so I go to a diet doctor to get weight loss pills. Instead I was given medication for high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol! I blame the ex-husband! Lol....It's been a life changing experience and journey for me.  I never in this world thought I would every be where I am today! I feel great and I feel good about myself.  I am a work in progress God's not finish with me yet!  I thank God for giving me strength because without him I couldn't / wouldn't do it!  I love the atmosphere at Life Fit, the staff is amazing, caring and helpful.  The trainers have great instruction and details making sure you've got the right form at each station. Everyone helping everyone. I just love the members of my new life fit family! I encourage anyone looking for a gym this is the place to be! Listed in the top 10 in Houston! God is doing great thing here..... 




"I joined Life Fit Gym June 1st 2016 just to try it out. Right after the first workout I was beat but wanted more and more. The Life Fit crew is a great team and helps you so much to accomplish any goal you make of your own. Great workout routines and even how to eat better, which is a major factor with living a healthier lifestyle. I make time to get my daily workout complete. Having to run my own business takes a lot of my time, but I will not put that as an excuse to "I'll just go tomorrow". I have more energy, I feel younger, outdoor activities are fun now and I'm able to keep up. I have broken the barrier of many bad habits which include lack of exercise and of course eating. I don't eat perfect BUT I'm aware of what good and bad. It was a struggle at first but once the ball is rolling you become adjusted to it where it becomes a part of your lifestyle. My daily commute to attend LIFE FIT GYM at the 5am class is 1 hour, coming from Katy, TX. I wouldn't change it at all. All the people are great motivation and always help out as well. And this is only the beginning!"

 2015 I hit the ground running and started to get more involved with working out & eating right. I enjoy working out with my 5am crew and feel the support that the members have for one another and more importantly the support the trainers have for the members.


My journey started in 2013 that’s when I started going to Lift fit. I always struggled with my weight. I started Life Fit weighing 200 pounds I was not seeing a differences just going to a regular gym and doing Zumba classes and etc. Life Fit has changed me so much. Fabian is the owner of the gym and one of the trainers. I have not seen a trainer that cares so much about your health. Fabian is not the only one there that cares about you George is the other awesome trainer that always ask you HOW MUCH WATER DID YOU INTAKE TODAY AND HOW MANY HOURS DID YOU SLEEP? Little things like that matter, you may not think so, but all that counts a lot. I am a 5am breakfast club LF person sometimes 6:30pm but I like to go in the morning because I have energy all day at work. People tell me that I am crazy, its hard in the beginning but once you start going and you do to stop your body automatically wakes up early. Sometimes I do it twice and they tell me that I am really crazy but I love it. I want to thank Fabian and his wonderful staff for pushing me so much and getting my results. People be patient, you will get your results! You may not get it in one month or two it can take a year or two until you get the results you want.

 I originally started life fit about 3 1/2 years ago after Fabian talked me into giving it a try. I loved the results I was seeing but after about a year, life happened and I had to take a break from life fit. I hated it. I started gaining all my weight back and just didn't feel good about my self. I started working out at a local gym doing cardio but it wasn't the same.
A few months later Fabian got me to come back again and I'm glad he did. After starting back up l joined a 6 week challenge, started to eat better and started being more consistent in the gym. I immediately started seeing results .
I love the atmosphere at life fit, especially at 5 am. The workouts are great and the trainers are awesome.

LOVE Life Fit Gym!!! Y'all are awesome and I absolutely love being a part of this gym!!


"I started Life Fit gym 3 months ago. My weight was 243 pounds and I have lost 23 pounds within the period of three months. With the guidance and right training of the coaches (Cole, Matt, Davis and Shefali). They teach me correct body mechanics with the exercises and I feel encouraged to further reach my personal goals. At Life Fit gym I also feel welcomed and comfortable from day one. I recommend Life Fit gym as the number one gym that I have ever been to."


"I started with Life Fit in January of this year and you guys have helped me tremendously. I love love love coming to workout here. The results that I see just makes me love you guys even more because you guys push me to my limits which is what I needed in order to be healthy. Everybody here is very nice and informative and will not let you slack. This gym membership is worth having and I just want to say thank you Life Fit for everything that y'all do. If you want results this is the place to be. I love my gym family........"


"I want to share my weight loss journey to let y'all know that it is possible! It all depends on how bad do you really want it?! I'm very proud to say that I have come a long way and it hasn't been easy but it has been so worth it! I want to thank my trainers at Life Fit Gym for the support they give me , for pushing me to reach my body goals I thought I would never reach! The team work and people I have met have been a big motivation that pushes me on days that I don't feel like going. I love and enjoy my workouts, the results, the transformation, I absolutely love it! I feel safe and comfortable when I workout at 5 in the morning knowing that I'm wit a group of people who go and do the same thing I do, PUSH and WORKOUT!! I train 5-6 days a week 1 hour a day is doable, you just need to push hard! I have two kids, I'm a mom, wife, and have a full time job. My days starts at 4:00AM, Sounds crazy, but your body gets use to it! Your body achieves what your mind believes! Clean eating is a must to definitely see good results but it became a big part of my lifestyle. I have a little over a year at Life Fit Gym and have seen amazing results. Went from a Medium size to an Extra Small. Lost a lot of inches and body fat and definitely gained lean muscle."


My Name is Xindy Morales. My Weight loss Journey has been going on since 2011 after I had my first child. My pre pregnancy weight was 180lbs and my last weight in before I had my son was 223lbs. I remember after my 40day diet was over I was depressed because I couldn’t see my weight going down. A lot of things happen through the months and years and I just didn’t care anymore about myself, so I didn’t focus on my weight or the way I looked. I got pregnant again in 2014 and had my daughter in 2015, after having my daughter I told myself I was going to focus on losing weight and look better, but that didn’t happen. Fast forward to October 2016 I went to the doctor to get my checked up and get blood work done. Two weeks later I got a call from the doctor’s office to give me my results and they told me I had pre-diabetes. When the nurse told me that I was scared and sad. I went to see a diabetes doctor and she told me I could reversed it if I start eating healthy and working. Long story short I did from Oct 2016 to March 2017, but I stop because the doctor told me I was okay now, but that was the worst decision I made because the 40 lbs I lost I gain 35 lbs back. I went back to see the doctor in October 2017 and she was mad because I wasn’t taking care of myself. We had a long talk and she made me realize that my kids need a healthy mom. During all this my friend Raquel Silva was my trainer and she kept pushing me to do my best. I let her down so many times, but she never gave up on me, she would text me to tell me about the GYM she was going and that I should try it out. I would make excuses and wouldn’t go or things would come up and couldn’t make it. After having the talk with my doctor, I grab my phone and send her a text asking her more information about the gym and of course we all ask pricing first. She wouldn’t answer my question, all she would tell me is come the first class is free and I know you going to love it. I told her I would go with her on Monday November 20, 2017 in the afternoon (yes that was thanksgiving week). Monday came and I was nervous, but I went. I remember walking to Life Fit Gym first person I saw was Fabian. He asked for my name and when I told him XINDY he said with the X like X-man and with that joke I felt more calmed. I did my first class and I felt so good, I went home to think about it. Throughout the years there was one person who kept telling ugly things and making me feel worst about the way I looked, that night I told myself it’s time to make a change in my life for my health, my kids and to feel good about myself. I went back on Tuesday afternoon and after the class was over I told Viviana I am going to sign up. I remember that day one of the trainer’s name Landon told me they have a 5 am class and I told okay I’ll be here tomorrow at 5 am. He said “oh whatever everyone tells me that, but won’t show up” and guess what I was there the next day at 5 am and since November 21,2017 I been going to Life Fit Gym 5x a week at 5 am every day. My weight was 235 lbs on November 25, 2017. I thought I would never see the numbers on that scale go down again, but I was wrong I let others put me down and made me believe that. As of March 05, 2018 my weight is 198 lbs and not only did my weight went down, but also my clothes size did too. I went from 3 XL to XL in shirt and I went from a size 20 to a size 14 in pant, yes I still have a more lbs. to go. I feel great, happy and with more energy. It’s been hard road with many bumps, but I thank God every single day for putting Raquel Silva in my life. After every storm there’s always a rainbow. Thank you Fabian, Landon and Raquel!!!